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Factory phone systems
Factory Phone Systems
Voicemail / Auto Attendant
Two-Way Radios
Digital Signage

Factory Phone Systems

We understand the pressure that production based businesses can find themselves under, it is for this reason we know you need a reliable cost effective phone system.  


We use Panasonic telephone systems in our installations as they offer the end user a reliable and futureproof. Panasonic offer medium sized businesses like yours advanced, all-in-one solutions designed to meet your challenging communications needs.  Productivity applications, including call centre, communication assistant and visual monitoring for up to 108 extensions, improve and streamline your overall business information exchange by facilitating more effective ways of communicating with your employees and your customers.  Their systems also allow anytime, anywhere access to a number of business communication applications through a wide range of smart and user-friendly wired and wireless devices.


We here at K.T. Communications will design a phone system around your needs so that your business has all the communication tools that it needs to be smooth and sucessful.


Our factory customers


Factory case studies


Phone system for factory premises


We know that for those in the production industry reliability and connectivity are key.  We work closely with you to establish your communication needs both now and in the future.  This allows us to carefully select the correct phone system control unit to match your needs.


We have a wide range of phone systems which cater for businesses of all sizes, from a local bakery to large multi-national.  Each of our phone systems are bespoke - whether you require a professional marketing message or an IP security camera system we can help.

Automated Attendant


To cut down the work load of an office administrator, Automated Attendant can answer incoming calls and direct the caller through to their desired destination.  This experience is custom designed to your needs with a personalised message.​


"Welcome to ABC Company.  If you know your desired extension please dial it now otherwise please listen to the following menu.  For sales - press 1, for dispatch - press 2, for stores - press 3, etc..."

Long range cordless phones


A single line long range cordless phone system that uses powerful technology for expanded indoor and outdoor small home office uses. Our long range phones offer a sleek design with robust technology and an array of key features that makes it perfect for use in factories and warehouses.


Enjoy long range, crystal clear communication up to 1,000 meters and easily covering 25,000 sq. ft / 10 acres. The Engenius EP-802 can even penetrate up to 6 floors whilst not interfering with wireless networks! 

Full DECT mobility


Key members of staff can be given cordless phones to make and receive calls anywhere in the facility.  Ideal in cases of emergency, staff members remain contactable despite being away from their desk.  Our range of Panasonic cordless phones can suit any environment from slim lightweight handsets to heavy duty rubberised handsets depending on your needs.


To see out full range of our cordless phones and their specifications please click here for more information.

Two Way Radios


Two Way Radios provide your staff with a robust yet lightweight method of communication across a large area.  We have a large range of two way radios in stock and ready for next day delivery. We also stock a wide variety of two-way radio accessories such as batteries, belt clips and chargers.  We also can arrange a radio frequency licence for you and design a solution to best fit your needs.


To view our range of two-way radios please click here

Digital Signage 


K.T. Communications can provide your place of business with dynamic HD information displays.  Single or multiple screens can be mounted in common areas to display messages relacent to your business.  These message can be image advertisments, videos or scrolling text.  


Our digital signage system is customised to suit your needs and includes a bespoke template incorporating your business logo and colours.


Possible uses:

  • Health and safety information

  • Communicate company policy

  • Broadcast emergency information

  • Direct visitors with interactive maps

  • Display meeting schedules