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Phone System Maintenance

It's only when a problem occurs with a business telephone system that a company finds out the true value of their supplier.  K.T. Comms focuses on providing highest quality, fast and professional phone system maintenance, servicing or phone system repair.


Buy our phone systems with confidence


Every phone system we sell and install comes with complete warranty for one year. We also offer further peace of mind through our 1-year and 5-year plans, which protect your equipment for the additional time-frame required. The pricing for the maintenance plans are based on the size and type of phone system installed, which means that you only pay for the exact maintenance cover you need and nothing more. 

We can also provide phone maintenance on any Panasonic business phone system, whether we sold it or not. We now also maintain both Eircom Netlink and Eircom Broadlink phones systems.




A complete phone system maintenance package


At KT Comms, we don't just provide basic support, but a complete maintenance package that includes services that many other companies do not offer. For instance, we understand that if a phone system does go down the most important thing is to get it back up and running as quickly as possible. We therefore stock all required parts to maintain your equipment for many years to come, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.


We also have repair engineers in-house, which means that we can diagnose and repair faults at component level when required, again reducing downtime and saving you money.





Phone System Maintenance You Can Count On

Our maintenance packages are delivered following strict internal targets for maximum call-out time and resolution. For instance, we guarantee that from the time a critical support call is logged on our system, we will have an engineer to you within 4 working hours. In many cases our engineers can simply log-in to the phone system remotely to resolve minor issues, which means that issues can be resolved in mere minutes, otherwise an engineer will arrive with everything required to resolve the issue in one visit.