Kenwood TK2000 VHF Licenced Two-Way Radio


he Kenwood TK-2000 VHF is a great value for money business radio operating on the VHF band between 136 MHz and 174 MHz. With its rugged design, the TK2000 is built to military grade standards and can withstand even the most punishing of environments. The Kenwood TK-2000 is designed for simplicity and ease of use which is achieved by having the push-to-talk button ergonomically located on the left side of the radio, and a simple channel select and volume control on top of the radio.


Kenwood TK-2000 is a VHF radio. If you would like the UHF version, please see the Kenwood TK-3000.

  • Tricolour LED is a visual indicator to the user of the current status of the radio. Solid red light means the radio is currently transmitting, Solid green means the radio is currently receiving, Alternating between red and green means the VOX (voice activation) gain is being adjusted, Blinking red means the battery power is low and blinking green means the radio is in scan mode (requires dealer programming)
  • 9-Hour Use means that the TK-2000 can last up to 9 hours when used 5% for transmit, 5% for receive and 90% in standby mode.
  • Powerful RF Output allows the TK-2000 to transmit on 5W, with it's brother, the TK-3000 UHF to transmit on 4W.
  • Battery Saver Mode allows the radio to enter a low power mode and extend battery life. Whilst in low power mode the radio may take a fraction of a second longer to recognise an active radio transmission.
  • Busy Channel Lockout mode will help prevent transmission collisions. This means that whilst a transmission is being broadcast and received, the user cannot initiate a broadcast. Pressing the push-to-talk (PTT) will result in an error code. This function needs to be enabled by Radiotronics when programming.
  • Compact Design means the TK-2000 weighs only 203g, making the TK2000 one of the lightest two way radios on the market.
  • Commanded Audio ensures the TK-2000 delivers superior audio quality and helps to prevent audio distortion when receiving or transmitting.
  • DTMF enables the radio to receive pre-determined codes to recognise an incoming transmission.
  • Enhanced Kenwood Audio ensures the ultimate in loud and clear audio from the TK-2000.
  • Kenwood ESN is the Kenwood electronic serial number which allows the radio to be recognised during transmission.
  • Multiple Scanning Function allows the dealer to program multiple different scan types.
  • Kenwood TK-2000 has a Programmable Function Key below the PTT paddle that can be programmed to allow modification of almost any radio function from power hi/low, to a quick access function.
  • CTCSS and/or DCS means the TK-2000 can block out unwanted interference and other radio traffic, ensuring an interference free radio experience.
  • When using a repeater, in the event of repeater failure, talk-around allows the user to switch to broadcast on the repeater's transmission frequency. This allows the user to make important announcements, even when the repeater has failed.
  • Time-out Timer means that in the case that the user has accidentally jammed the PTT paddle, the radio will stop transmitting within 30 seconds. This can usually be programmed to anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds by Radiotronics.
  • Voice Activation (VOX) means that the user can use the radio in completely hands-free mode. This can only usually be achieved by using a voice activation (VOX) enabled accessory such as an earpiece. It's important to note that the user must be using a VOX enabled earpiece in order for VOX to work.