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About Our


K.T. Communications Ltd., based in Monaghan is a company that provides commercial telephone systems, business communications solutions and complete phone system maintenance and support across Ireland.  Being based in Monaghan, the majority of our customers can be found in across Leinster, Connaught, Ulster and also Northern Ireland and this is thanks to our ability to quickly and efficiently handle any maintenance requirements, no matter where our customers are located. 



A Brief History


Founded in 1989, K.T. Communications began business by supplying and installing cordless phones into the agricultural sector.  Over the years we have steadily grown our customer base and product range so that we are now one the leading communications equipment suppliers in our region and our customers include all business types in every sector ranging from small start-ups to large corporations.


We have been a Panasonic Telephone Systems reseller since 1993, installing, maintaining and repairing Panasonic business telephone systems across the country.  This means that we are capable and more than ready to provide support and whatever needs you may have in your business - both today and in the future.  



Honesty, Integrity & Transparency


Our customer base has grown to the extent that we now have in excess of 1,000 telephone system customers.  This is thanks to the fact that we value every customer as a partner and therefore we implement a philosophy of honesty, integrity and transparency.  This customer service model means that where system falts or other issues occur, customers are always made aware of what is being done to resolve the issue, when they can expect a resolution and what we can do to alleviate the issue in the interim.


This transparent policy also creates a landscape of openness with our customers which means that you can contact and speak with anyone in the organisation whenever you need to.  Whether you have a quick question for the engineer who installed your system or if you would like to speak to our Managing Director, Ken Taylor about any issues you are facing, our lines of communication are always open.



A Commitment to Service


Our high quality customer service is not easy to implement or maintain.  We have in fact trained our staff (some of whom have been with us for over 15 years) to always think quality and customer service in all their dealings with our customers.  To this extent we created a Quality Policy and Customer Care Statement that helps all out staff to understand that we value customer service above everything else.

The above information highlights our heritage and passion for providing phone systems for business, so if you are looking for commercial telephone systems, business IP phone solutions or you require professional phone system maintenance, contact us today, you'll be glad you did.


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