Large Sized Phone Systems

We understand the pressure that large sized businesses can find themselves under, it is for this reason we know you need a reliable cost effective phone system.  


We use Panasonic telephone systems in our installations as they offer the end user a reliable and futureproof phone system. We offer large sized businesses like yours advanced, all-in-one solutions designed to meet your challenging communications needs.  Productivity applications, including call centre, communication assistant and visual monitoring improve and streamline your overall business information exchange by facilitating more effective ways of communicating with your emloyees and your customers. Their systems also allow anytime, anywhere access to a number of business communication applications through a wide range of smart and user-friendly wired and wireless devices.


We here at K.T. Communications will design a phone system around your needs so that your business has all the communication tools that it needs to be smooth and sucessful.


Panasonic NSX Phone System

Up to 1000 users

  • Voicemail

  • Call recording

  • Computer integration

  • Cordless Telephone (DECT)

  • Integrated headsets

  • Remote Branches

  • Home Worker Solution


The KX-NSX helps companies provide a great overall customer experience by delivering the next generation communication system that meets today’s flexible workforce and increased customer demands. So whether you have employees that work in various locations around the office, are adding new employees, setting up a new office, starting a help desk or setting up employees to work from home - the KX-NSX can easily adapt to your needs.


The Panasonic KX-NSX series delivers the next generation of communication systems to meet today's work style.


Although the system can be retro-fitted with legacy cards if required to take analogue and ISDN lines and digital and analogue telephone extensions it is very much designed for SIP Trunks and IP telephone users and standard user-licenses enable multiple devices to be connected such as softphones and SIP devices and mobiles can be twinned to provide each user with the option of making and taking calls using the device of their choice.


All the latest facilities are included such as voicemail received as email, place-in-queue announcements informing callers of estimated answer times, call recording, computer-integration, remote-working, office branch networking and much more besides.


Panasonic KX-NS1000 IP Phone System

Up to 8000 users

  • IP and SIP network communication server

  • Integrated unified messaging with up to 24-ports per unit

  • Build systems for up to 8,000 users

  • Reliable backup system to survive system failures

  • Call centre solution with voice guidance for customers

  • High-performance applications


Based on the IP and SIP protocols, the KX-NS1000 offers a high level of flexibilty and can be integrated into your existing infrastructute.  Thanks to the modular architecture, the system can be tailored to suit your requirements - regardless of whether it's to be used in a small office with two people or a large company with several locations.


The system also supports a combination of TDM and IP technology as well as systems based entirelt on IP technology.  Smartphones and tablet computers can also be seamlessly integrated, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits that working on your own device offers.


The KX-NS1000 provides an innovative unified collaboration environment, including desktop tools, voicemail and an interacctive voice response system.  Fully transparent network features, first class voice quality in HD wideband audio and swift capacity expansions make the NS-1000 the most complete Panasonic solution yet.

Possible phone system add-ons:

We have a wide range of new and refurbished headsets in stock and are ready to be integrated into your phone system.

Keep your customers in good spirits listening to soothing or upbeat music while they wait until their call can be answered.

Our call recording systems allow you to record calls as you see appropriate.  All incoming, outgoing, a particular line etc. 

Auto Attendant

Increase your staff efficiency with Auto Attendant. Welcome to ABC Business, to speak with one of our sales team press 1, for accounts dept. press 2.

Call Reporting

Have employees that move alot around your premises and struggle to get hold of them? Long range cordless phones are the answer!

Cordless Phones

Numerous employees working in different areas around your premises? Our cordless phone solutions provide full site coverage.

Client Testimonial

"..very professional in the supply of services and equipment, adaptable to our changing needs over the past number of years and we look forward to working with them in the future."


Marie Mohan, Greenfield Foods

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