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Hotel Phone Systems

We understand the pressure that hotels can find themselves under, it is for this reason we know you need a reliable cost effective phone system.  


We use Panasonic telephone systems in our installations as they offer the end user a reliable and futureproof system. Panasonic offer hotels like yours advanced, all-in-one solutions designed to meet your challenging communications needs.  Productivity applications, including auto-attendant, direct dialling to rooms and visual monitoring for up to 108 extensions, improve and streamline your overall business information exchange by facilitating more effective ways of communicating with your employees and your clients.  Our phone systems also allow anytime, anywhere access to a number of business communication applications through a wide range of smart and user-friendly wired and wireless devices.


We here at K.T. Communications will design a phone system around your needs so that your hotel has all the communication tools that it needs to be smooth and successful.


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Phone system for hotels


We know that for those in the hospitality industry reliability and connectivity are key.  We work closely with you to establish your communication needs both now and in the future.  This allows us to carefully select the correct phone system control unit to match your needs.

We have a wide range of phone systems which cater for businesses of all sizes from a local B&B to a large hotel.  Each of our phone systems are bespoke - whether you require a professional marketing message or a call charging facility. 

Automated Attendant


Automated Attendant makes sure that guests are not kept waiting during a busy period.  It provides your guests with an easy to use menu to guide them directly to the required department, saving the receptionist time to focus on front desk customers.



"Thank you for calling the Tate Hotel.  If you know the extension you are calling please dial now.  Otherwise please listen carefully to the following options, for reservations and bookings press 1, for the restaurant and bar press 2, ...."

Digital Signage for hotels


Upon entering any business, the visual aspects are the first things that define the customer experience.  For hotels, that first impression begins in the lobby.  K.T. Communications can supply and install a tailored system to match your hotels requirements.  Digital signage can be displayed on various different types of screens, the most popular formats being HD monitors and kiosks.


How hotels use digital signage:


  • Promote hotel restaurant, bar, health spa, nightly entertainment, wedding packages

  • Inform guests of weather, news and local events

  • Wayfinding map of the hotel and local area

  • Conference room welcome screen

Computer/Telephone Integration


The telephone system can be linked to a 'front of house' software package to send the telephone costs from each room into the billing system.  It can also be used to change the room status by the house keepers and to set wake-up calls etc. for the client.

Full DECT mobility


DECT wireless mobility can play an important role in a hospitality environment ensuring that key members of staff never miss calls.  If you have staff moving between different locations calls can be answered either from a desk or DECT wireless phone all with the same number.


No matter the size of the property, this wireless solution can be designed to include 100% indoor and outdoor coverage.  We have a full range of handsets available each with its own set of features. View range here

On hold music and marketing messages


Whenever customers are on hold it is an ideal time to share with them some of the facilities available in the hotel.  By using professionally recorded on-hold marketing customers can be introduced to information that they wouldn't be aware of otherwise.



"Thank you for calling The Tate Hotel, situated in the heart of the Irish countryside.  Our rooms offer sumptuous views of Ireland's most breathtaking scenery so why not relax in our elegant 

surroundings and make use of some of our many services; Conference facilities, a fully licensed restaurant and grill, spa and sauna, indoor and outdoor pools and friendly attentive staff to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Please do continue to hold as your call is important to us."


Alternatively keep callers entertained with on-hold music whether it is soothing and relaxing melodies or lively upbeat music.

Call restriction


Give your residents a preset list of phone numbers which they can dial.


 For example:


1 - Reception

2 - Bar

3 - Restaurant

4 - Room Service

Voicemail (with e-mail integration)


Both guests and staff can have customised voicemail.

Direct dialling to rooms and departments


By using direct dial numbers callers can ring directly to the guest rooms 24 hours a day without needing to go through a receptionist.  This facility can also be used to enable suppliers to ring directly through to the required department within the hotel thereby freeing up the receptionist's.

Long range cordless phones


The EnGenius EP-802 long range cordless phone is a must for anybody who works across a large area, like a hotel.  Our cordless phone uses powerful technology for expanded range both for indoor and outdoor use and can penetrate up to 6 floors.


It is sleek, slim and stylish yet robust and reliable.  However we also stock a specifically designed heavy duty handset should this be required.  


View our EnGenius EP802 long range phone click here