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Cordless Phones

Cordless phones allow you and your staff members to be mobile around your business premises while still being within reach of phone calls.  Connecting staff to callers as soon as possible provides a professional image so callers are not left waiting etc...

Integrated Cordless Phones

There are some limitations to using these standalone cordless phones within a larger telephone system. For example, some of the more advanced features of a phone system cannot be used in conjunction with these phones, i.e. Caller-ID, Stored Speed-Dials and Call Pick-Up features will not work as these phones are not fully "integrated" into the system, but simply added onto extensions. Additionally where more than five cordless phones are required within the same facility, or where the facility is very large and on many levels, an alternative solution can be provided.


The perfect alternative is a digital integrated solution, which not only provides smaller, more easily portable handsets, but also delivers the advanced features required by many businesses. An additional benefit is the ability to install repeaters in various locations around the building, which boost the signal to provide a consistently high-quality of communication.

Long Range Cordless Phones

These two solutions are the best cordless phones for workers in large stores, warehouses, factories, farms and car dealerships, who wish to be in phone contact despite moving around the facility.

Being specialised long range cordless phones, the Sanyo CLT-K928 and EnGenius EP-802 are not available in typical high-street retail outlets, so as well as supplying these systems, our many years of experience allows us to install them in a single-line scenario (standalone) or as part of a larger telephone system (on an extension).


KT Communications can install these devices in order to achieve the best placement and maximise the range. When connected to a telephone system the user can make outgoing calls, receive incoming calls and transfer calls to another extension just as if he/she was using a regular desk phone.

Home/Small Office Cordless Phones

Whether you have a small office or need cordless phones for home use then we have a full range of Panasonic cordless phones available.

These phones are simply plug and play solutions and can be supplied as a single unit or as a pair.  

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