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We'll Get You Talking

We'll get you talking

Our product portfolio includes Panasonic phone systems that can cater for any and all requirements.


Whether you are looking for a telephone system for a small, medium sized business or you are a large enterprise looking for a complete IP telephony PBX solution, K.T. Communications can deliver and provide complete on-going support. 


We also offer business mobile solutions that include bluetooth headsets and bluetooth handsfree car kits. What's more, we provide a number of cordless phone solutions that suit the needs of highly mobile business people.  But it's not the wide range of products we offer that has us successful, instead it's our commitment to service and quality that sets us apart from our competitors.

We'll keep you talking

Telephone systems last a long time and over the life span of every phone system, reliablilty is absolutely crucial.  


Businesses are totally reliant on the business phone equipment working and they need a support all their needs.  To this end we stock all required parts to maintain your equipment for many years to come and we also have repair engineers in-house, which means that we can diagnose and repair faults at component level when required.  


Finally, we can provide mobile repair services for most major brands and models. All this means that you can rest assured that your long-term partner, KT Comms, will be ready to resolve any issue quickly and efficiently and within a set period of time.


Find out more about our service commitment here.

We'll keep talking with you

At K.T. Comms, we have always known that businesses don't do business with other businesses, but rather that people do business with people.  We therefore train all of our staff to see people as more than just customers.  


Our staff are trained to look beyond your basic needs and learn as much as possible about your overall requirements, from the system itself to your overall operational needs.


We look to build a working relationship that allows us to react quickly to any and all needs.  This has allowed us to build a customer base of more than 1,000 telephone system clients, all of whom count on us to support them when required.  


You can read some case studies and testimonials here.

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