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Business Phone Systems

K.T. Communications have a business phone system to suit every business sector and all budgets.  We work with your business to ensure that you get the most appropriate system for you and your staff. Whether you need an analogue, ISDN or VoIP system we are here to advise you every step of the way.


Small Business Phone Systems

We have a wide range of  solutions available for small sized businesses.

Medium Business Phone Systems

We have a wide range of  solutions available for medium sized businesses.

Large Business Phone Systems

We have a wide range of  solutions available for large sized businesses.

Refurbished Phone Systems

We have a wide range of  expertly refurbished telephone systems and phones available.

Phone System Maintenance

We carry out emergency and routine maintenance on all Panasonic telephone systems.

Clients Case Studies

Read some of our clients case studies.

Whether your business is a small retail unit or a large muli-national corporation we have a telephone system to suit your needs.  This includes the sales of analogue and ISDN business phone systems and VoIP integration.  With over 25 years experience under our belt we know that telecommunications is one of the most vital aspects to running a successful business.   It is for this reason that we commit ourselves to providing our customers with only the highest level of service..

Panasonic business telephone systems are seen throughout the industry as being a top brand for quality, reliability, flexibility, scalability and user-friendliness. We have found that our customers like these systems because they are more intuitive to use and provide complete future-proofing.


Every system provides bi-directional future-proofing, which means that they are forwards and backwards compatible. They can be easily upgraded to meet any legacy needs as well as key future needs such as IP Telephony, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Communication.


Panasonic phone systems can also fulfill the requirements of organisations that need to cater for remote home workers or remote satellite offices and can supply appropriate solutions in an efficient and above all cost-effective manner.


A very useful and cost-saving addition is Cellular Integration, which adds cellular functionality into your PBX. This allows the system to route calls through the desired mobile network and therefore save money on all outgoing mobile calls. For more information, visit our Mobile Telephony page


Backed by KT Comms' professional installation and phone system maintenance and support packages, you have an unbeatable combination that will get you talking and keep you talking for years to come. 

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