Education Phone Systems

We understand the pressure that schools and colleges can find themselves under, it is for this reason we know you need a reliable cost effective phone system.  


We use Panasonic telephone systems in our installations as they offer the end user a reliable and futureproof. Panasonic offer those in the education sector advanced, all-in-one solutions designed to meet your challenging communications needs.  Productivity applications, including communication assistant and visual monitoring for up to 108 extensions, improve and streamline your overall business information exchange by facilitating more effective ways of communicating with your emloyees and your customers.  Their systems also allow anytime, anywhere access to a number of business communication applications through a wide range of smart and user-friendly wired and wireless devices.


We here at K.T. Communications will design a phone system around your needs so that your school or college has all the communication tools that it needs to be smooth and sucessful.


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Phone system for schools/colleges


We know that for those in the education section a reliable, futureproof system is key.  We work closely with you to establish your communication needs both now and in the future.  This allows us to carefully select the correct phone system control unit to match your needs.


We have a wide range of phone systems which cater for schools of all sizes, from small rural primary schools to large colleges and universities.  Each of our phone systems are bespoke and are tailored to your schools exact needs.

Automated Attendant


To cut down the work load of an office administrator, Automated Attendant can answer incoming calls and direct the caller through to their desired destination.  This experience is custom designed to your needs with a personalised menu.



" Welcome to ABC School.  Please listen to the following menu and select your desired extension.  For School Office press 1, for Principal press 2, for Vice Principal press 3 and for all other enquiries please press 0."

Digital Signage 


Digital signage in schools is becoming increasingly common.  It is a great way to rapidly deploy information to every visitor that walks through your doors and is also an ideal way to motivate pupils and staff.  From a welcome message that lays out your school's values to a showcase of the schools sporting achievements, digital signage from K.T. Comms will overall improve communication within your school.


Digital signage solutions for education can be scaled to suit any school through a single screen or multiple screens across more than one premises.  Our digital signage systems are extremely easy to use which allows the user to provide dynamic, real time, updating and scheduling of information and content so that the screen is up-to-date and relevant. 

Public Announcement System


Through a paging system, announcements can be made to all classrooms or to specific classrooms. These announcements can be made via the telephone handset thereby allowing any member of staff to make the announcement rather than relying on a receptionist. 


A multi timer can also be added to the system to send out a tone at class change times and break times etc.

Full DECT mobility


Key members of staff can be given cordless phones and receive calls anywhere in the school.  Ideal inc ases of emergency, staff members can remain contactable despite being away from their desk, office or classroom.  Our range of Panasonic cordless phones range can suit any environment from slim lightweight handsets to heavy duty rubberised handsets (ideal for maintenance staff) depending on your needs.


To see our full range of cordless phones and their specifications please click here for more information

On hold music


Whenever callers are on hold it is an ideal time to share with them some of the facilitates available in the hotel.  By using professionally recorded on-hold marketing customers can be introduced 

Call restriction


Desired extensions around the school can be barred from making outgoing calls. The phone can be assigned an access code, so only authorised personnel may use the phone to make calls.

Voicemail (with e-mail integration)


Each extension can have its own personalised mail box, so messages can be left securely for individuals to retrieve when they return to their desk or even remotely if they are out of the office for prolonged periods of time.