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Digital Signage in Schools and Colleges

As you may be aware digital signage in schools is becoming very popular.  It is a great way to rapidly deploy information to every visitor that walks through your doors and is also an ideal way to motivate pupils and staff.  From a welcome messaage that lays out your school's values to a showcase of the schools sporting achievements, digital signage from K.T  Comms will improve the overall communication within your school.


A little bit about digital signage in the education sector


Digital signage solutions for education can be scaled to suir any school or college through a single screen or multiple screens across more than one premises.  Our digital signage systems are extremely easy to use which allows the user to provide dynamic, real time, updating and scheduling of information and content so that the screen is up-to-date and relevant.



What content can you display on our digital signage systems?


How are current customers in the education sector use our digital signage


  • To welcome visitors to the school

  • To showcase school achievements (sporting and academic)

  • To ensure staff are up-to-date with latest pupil and school information (Staff room screen with separate content to pupils)

  • To reinforce school policies (e.g. anti-bullying notices)

  • To display school photographs from trips and events

  • To keep students informed about upcoming events/exams

  • To display student blogs

  • To provide emergency alerts and safety information in case of an emergency

  • To show current weather and national news

  • To display study tips

  • To display motivational quotes

What steps are involved?

After your initial enquiry into our digital signage systems, we will go through a consulation process to ascertain what your needs and requirements are.  We can then tailor a system to suit.  The next stage is graphic design - we will with you to create a fully customised layout for your school.  We can design the layout using your school colours (if desired) and can include school crest or logo.  The customisation possibilities are endless.  On your approval of the draft layout design we can then proceed to the installation.


The installation will cause minimal disruption to daily school life.  Our engineers and technicians are experienced professionals who can complete the work efficiently and effectively.


After the installation we will provide your selected members of staff with all the training that they will require to work with our digital signage system.  This will involve how to edit/add text, upload images/videos/flash files, adding RSS feeds, how to schedule content etc.  Along with on-site training we will also provide staff members with comprehensive user guides to aid the training process.


If at any stage you have any technical queries or queries regarding your digital signage we are always on hand to help either on-site, by phone or by e-mail.  We also can access your digital signage system remotely to help you with any technical queries as quickly as possible.  We are committed to providing excellent customer service.

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