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Call Recording

There are many reasons why you may need to record your incoming and outgoing calls.  The most popular reasons are:

- Staff training

- Reduce liability

- Quality control

- Gathering proof

- Security

- Accountability issues

- Business requirement

Increase Productivity

Auto Attendant Flow.jpg

Auto Attendant 

Callers are greeted with a personalised message such as, "Welcome to ABC Ltd., Dial 1 for Sales, Dial 2 for Support, Dial 3 for Accounts and for all other queries Dial 0 to speak to the operator."  


When your business receives a lot of calls throughout the day, you need to be confident your customers will get served.  Auto attendant ensures that every caller receives assistance by the correct department.

Benefits include:

Simplify customer experience with Auto Attendant.jpg

Simplifies customer experience

Employees have more time for other tasks by using Auto Attendant.jpg

Employees have more time for other tasks

Reduce missed calls with Auto Attendant.jpg

Reduces liklihood of
missed calls

Announce marketing messages through Auto Attendant.jpg

Announce marketing messages

Increase Customer Experience with Auto Attendant.jpg

Creates consistent customer experiences

Low cost effective solution.jpg

Low cost
effective solution


“K.T. Comms have always given us a prompt and efficient service.  The quality of the equipment supplied and the after sales service is excellent.  We are happy to recommend K.T. Comms to any prospective customers.”

John McGauran
General Manager, Agrigear Ltd.

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