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Call Recording - Protect your business and train staff

There are many reasons why you may need to record your incoming and outgoing calls. The most popular reasons are:


  • Staff training

  • Reduce liability

  • Quality control

  • Gathering proof

  • Security

  • Accountability issues

  • Business requirement


K.T. Communications provide a range of Call Recording Systems to meet the needs of every type of business.  Whether you are an individual solicitor, a doctor's practice, medium sized insurance broker or a major call centre; we have a call recording system to meet your needs.


The most modern systems can be as simple as single line recorders or as complex as multi-lin recorders with whitelists and blacklists for selective recording.  Our call recording systems can be configured to handle all line types - analogue, ISDN, GSM routers and VoIP.  They can also record external calls only or both internal and external calls depending on the customers requirement.  Most systems also have a voice announcement feature and credit card compliance to ensure that everything is fully legal.


Questions to ask yourself


  1. Which type of telephone line(s) do you have?

  2. Should everything be recorded or do you require selective recording?

  3. Is privacy an issue? (Should the calls be encrypted or password protected?)

  4. Should the calls be archieved for back-up purposes?

  5. Should the user have the option to decide what calls to record?

  6. Where should the recorder be connected? (capture internal or external calls)

  7. Why do you want to make recordings?

  8. How long should the recordings be available?

  9. Do you want to process or e-mail recordings?





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