Communication Solutions 

K.T. Comms can supply and install all types of communication equipment which cater for small businesses to multinational corporations.  We know how useful these extras can be - they can save you time, money and can eliminate stress from the workplace! Talk to us today about what options might be the right fit for your business.

Auto Attendant

Auto attendant answers your phone and offers callers a range of interactive touch-tone choices that you configure any way you want.


Your callers receive consistent, professional treatment even when you're out or busy, and you save the time, money and frustration of answering and directing calls.

On-hold music

On hold music and on hold marketing messages are a great way to inform and entertain your customers while they wait.  We have a wide range of on-hold music available to suit all business types.  


We also can record voice overs from professional voice-over artists to promote and advertise your business.

Video Conferencing
Call Reporting

Who called, when was the call answered, how many missed calls, who answers the most calls, what time is busiest.


How many calls does sales, accounts, technical get per day?Full call reporting options available.

Call Recording

K.T. Communications provide a range of Call Recording Systems to meet the needs of every type of business.


Whether you are an individual solicitor, a doctor's practice, medium sized insurance broker or a major call centre; we have a call recording system to meet your needs.


Save time and money with a HD video conferencing solution from K.T. Comms.


With a wide range to choose from KT Comms can supply solutions for desktop video conferencing to full boardroom video conferencing and all in high definition.