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Patient call system for hospitals, doctors surgeries and medical centres in Ireland

Patient Call System - Increase efficiency

K.T. Communications can provide your clinic or practice with the technology required to increase your efficiency.  Our call system allows you to call patients forward directly from your appointment systems.  Single or multipe calls can be displayed on flat screen monitors in the patient waiting areas.  Important health or service information can be displayed when the screens are not being utilised to call patients, including videos, images and scrolling text.


By using our system receptionists can save time by not having to vocally call patients.  This affords them more time to provide better care and attention to patients who are in most need of it.  Also, ask yourself how often is time lost with recepetion teams dealing with such simple questions as "was it me being called?" or "what room do I go to?", our system overcomes all of these problems leaving patients and staff more satisfied.


Benefits of using our patient call system


  • Increase reception staff productivity

  • Inform patients of important medical notices

  • Improve patient satisfaction

  • User friendly patient call interface for staff

  • Entertain patients while they wait

  • Improve the image of the clinic

  • Reduce stress levels in clinic among both staff and patients



"The call system is excellent.  We couldn't work without it now.  It makes life so much easier in the running of the clinics.  We can move patients from the main waiting area to the upstairs waiting area while on the phone with another patient.  It really has made life easier here"


​- Dolores (Reception Staff) Monaghan Medical Centre

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