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The Kenwood TK-3601D is ergonomically designed and lightweight two-way radio with rich flexibility. TK-3601D allows both 6.25 kHz dPMR digital and 12.5 kHz analogue use. Therefore channel availability doubles from 8 to 16 channels in analogue mode and the digital channel capacity doubles from 16 dPMR channels to 32.


The TK-3601D is compatible with TK-3401D in digital mode and almost all older Kenwood radios (TK-3201, TK33-1 and TK-3501) in analogue mode. Easily select the switch between analogue and digital by pressing the PF key.


What's Included

The following is included in the standard boxed package:


  • 1x TK-3601D Portable Radio
  • 1x KNB-81L Lithium Battery
  • 1x KSC-50 Charger & KNB-44 Power Supply
  • KBH-14 Short Belt Clip


Kenwood TK-3601D Highlights

  • No license required
  • All-in-one package - Charger included
  • Fully analogue & digitally compatible with TK-3401D
  • Backwards compatible with TK-3301, TK-3201, TK-3501 & TK-3101
  • Vibrant White Backlight LCD: 8-seg. x 6-digit, 1 line


General Features

  • 3 Keys On Front Panel: Menu/Up/Down
  • Left Side PTT
  • PF Key Allows Switch Between Alanogue & Digital
  • New Kenwood 1-pin Audio Connector (Weather Proof while connecting)
  • Compatible with ProTalk FD
  • 7-color Large LED indicator
  • IP54/55/67 Dust & Water Protection
  • Mixed (Analogue & Digital) Scan
  • Voice Announcement
  • VOX/Semi-VOX operation
  • Super Lock Mode: Allows designated keys to be operable while on the key locked mode
  • Auto Button Lock: Automatically lock the keys certainties elapsed
  • PTT hold: Holds PTT button on TX mode for hands-free operation, by pressing PTT two (or one) taps consecutively
  • Selectable Power ON LED: Distinguishes the one at a glance
  • Selectable Power ON Tone: Identifies by beep tone to tell without looking (via PC programming software)
  • Incorrect Signaling Notification: Notifies when the signalling unmatched


Kenwood TK3601 Two Way Radio

Tax Included

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